Corona Effect: 9 Famous Art Posters Adjusted To Quarantine

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Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently

Look, we get it. The central premise of this article sounds absurd. What could possibly be funny about a global pandemic that has altered the very fabric of our existence, in one fell swoop shutting down everything we hold dear, from sports to movies to music to the very notion of human interaction? How could anyone possibly write jokes at a time like this? But in times of crisis, when we are frightened and don’t know what the hell is going on, we’ve historically turned to comedy.

Nowadays, there’s a new surge of art emerging in the world, and they’re all related to you-know-what. New music, comics, graphics, even movies are being created about coronavirus, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Nor it shouldn’t. It appears that the quarantine has created at least one positive side-effect, that the creativity of humankind seems to be at an all-time high. We too have tried our hand in it.

During the current coronavirus pandemic, many people still ignore the basic rules of quarantine and personal security. We can say that the ability to preserve the seal of quarantine is a kind of art. This is how Looma agency came up with the idea of “Art of Quarantine” social campaign. Classic art pieces get a new look and teach how to stop the spread of COVID-19 and stay safe. As a part of global campaign #FlattenTheCurve, we aim to share this message and stop the spread of the virus.

Stay home, stay healthy!

Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon Crossing The Alps

Leonardo Da Vinci, Last Supper

Rene Magritte, The Son Of A Man

Every disaster movie starts with government igonoring scienctists. #CoronaFunny #JokesOnCovid19

Leonardo Da Vinci, Lady With An Ermine

Michelangelo, The Creation Of Adam

Frederick Leighton, Orpheus And Euridyke

Benjamin West, Mrs. Wordell as Hebe

Prediction: There will be a minor baby boom in 9 months, and then one day in 2033, we shall witness the rise of THE QUARANTEENS. #CoronaFunny #JokesOnCovid19

Giovani Battista Salvi, Praying Madonna

Raphael, Portrait Of A Young Man

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