Daredevil Performs World’s First Wingsuit “High Five” To Raise Money For Charity

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This Guy Is Giving "High Five" An All New Meaning. The most amazing, terrifying, death-defying video you’ll see all day, or maybe all month, comes courtesy of Project: BASE, an organization made up of two friends who are exploring human flight and risking their lives in order to raise money for charity.

In their latest video, shared by Business Insider, co-founders Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones can be seen flying down the face of a mountain in wingsuits while attempting to high five an enormous cardboard hand. It’s even more petrifying than it sounds.

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The video was filmed in Ethiopia on the Simien Mountains as part of the group’s first major campaign.

“Project: BASE selected the Amhara region to raise money for a water well purely because there is such a lack of clean drinking water. There is water there, but sadly the people that inhabit the region do not have the funds or tools to access it,” writes the team.

“Our goal at Project: BASE is to raise $5,500 so Glimmer Of Hope can build a hand dug water well which will support up to 350 people and to raise an additional €10,000 for 2 more charity projects the team have set up closer to the Simien Mountains.”


[youtube width=”800″ height=”500″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zw4fPT8lZ0[/youtube]

"These people are crazy!!! The speeds they are going at that close to the ground, you'd be dead if you crashed!!! There looks line zero margin for error. The first person to try that must of had some big ones!!! Near the end going over the tree's, that looked pretty close at some points also. It's one thing jumping out in clear open space and doing the flying thing, it's completely another to do what they were doing. I'm pretty impressed, and NO I'd never remotely try that, you really have to be a little insane, and a huge fear junky."

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