How To Impress A Punjabi Girl | Top 10 Dating Tips

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Best way to impress a Punjabi girl is by not being that 'Typical Punjabi Guy'. If I can generalize, Punjabi guys are too loud, enjoy drinking a lot, traits that girls usually don't like. Girls, be it Punjabi or anyone, like chivalrous men. They'd like a partner who'd take care of them, who'd respect them, who'd love them unconditionally and accept them for who they are & with all their flaws.

Unless a girl is 'hippy' herself, she'd like her guy to stay in his senses more often than not. Girls like assertive men, not the loud ones. There's a difference between the both.

Having said all that, there are two things that would surely earn you some brownie points with Punjabi Girls:
1. Listen to some good Punjabi songs. (Punjabi girls love Punjabi music)
2. Say her this (when you reach that stage offcourse), "Assi tuade naal pyaar karde haan". ;)

Most Punjabi girls aren't into Punjabi guys, too much drinking, loudness, and overall similarities. Remember opposites attract!

Good luck if you're currently in pursuit of someone.

Taking her out to a date? Or think you’re going to catch hold of a great bird at this wedding? Or planning to meet your arranged partner? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. The Venue

First things first, where would you meet? A coffee place, bar, restaurant or your neighbourhood park? Tell you what, leave this to her – and if she’s not decided yet, which is possibly (and hopefully!) going to be the case, trust your intuition and suggest a place with confidence. Assertiveness is a big turn on for desi girls.

2. Spice It Up

Desi girls don’t just like spice in food, they like it in everything – be it conversation talk, movies, news, rumors, you name it. So if you’re taking her to a food place of your choice, have a great dish in mind for her to suggest just in case. And unless you’re a great conversationalist, we’d recommend you read ‘Topics to talk about on your first date: Punjabi Edition’.

3. What You Need To Be

Punjabi girls are beautiful inside out. They tend to like good looking, manly and rugged men, you know, guys with a great looking stubble (or a lion-like beard if you’re a Sardar) for starters, a guy who’d leave her fantasizing about his bear hugs. One thing to remember though, being manly does not mean being arrogant and cocky, but being polite and respectful.

But don’t worry too much if you don’t fall into those categories. Here’s the reason why they’re beautiful ‘inside-out’: While looks are an important thing, they’re not the only things girls have as factors when choosing partners. You could have great assets and talents that could easily have her overlook things that you can’t change. No one is perfect, but this perfection is in her eyes– when a girl decides you’re perfect, you then are.

4. Handle with Care

Having grown up in the cocoon of loved ones’ compliments and pampering, desi girls have a lot of self-respect and are equally sensitive. Leaving the tougher ones out of course, who can be quite bold depending on what they’ve seen in their lives. They are the ones who’ll break down even more easily. So the only advice is: handle with care, like a real man.

5. Communicate On The Same Level

If you’re not Punjabi it might be worthwile to learn some Punjabi phrases. There’s hardly a girl out there who will not use phrases like “theek aa”, “vadiya”, “ki”, “kaem aa”. If you’re Punjabi you’ve kind of scored here as you can echo those phrases back. Good luck if you speak Hindi. You. Just. Should. Have. Been. Punjabi. Mate.

6. Get To Know And Respect Her Values

Punjabi families are quite diverse and depending on her upbringing she will have different values – make sure you’re aware of things like whether she drinks, what her food preferences are, how comfortable she is with physical contact and all that. In fact knowing a bit of her could be your mission throughout the date. After all, that’s what dating is all about – knowing each other.

7. Giver Her The Laughs

Punjabis have a superb sense of humour and there’s nothing that’ll bond you more with her than making her laugh and getting her to agree with you on things e.g. getting her to say “yes”, “aho” consecutively!

8. Be Creative, Be Honest

It’s always good to begin with small talk (don’t do it shampy style e.g. “what are your hobbies” “tuhadi hobbiyan ki ne”) Totally uncreative, dude. Be natural and admit you’re a bit nervous (trust me, you will be, even if you’ve gone out on a hundred dates). That’ll have her relate to you and there you go, she will in no time be her true Punjabi self – fun, easy to be with, and charming. And then the conversation will just flow.

9. No ‘Fukri’ (Show-Off)

Good cars and expensive restaurants do impress girls, but like, don’t bring it up in every single topic like one big ‘fukra’. Just act like you don’t care, like it’s given you’d have or get those luxuries for what you are. Girls have this sixth-sense of detecting cockiness – and you don’t want your future honey bunny’s ears on alert mode. Punjabi women take pleasure in small things, like walking in the rain, feeding a kangaroo, you know?

10. Flatter Her

Final tip: Compliment, it’s one of the best things you can do. Particularly on how good she looks- think of the hours she spent what to wear and the actual time she took to wear it. Things like, how much the dress suits her, her choice of colours, her eyes, basically things that genuinely stand out. The list is never ending. Be honest in your compliments and she’ll be flattered as!

So there you go! Now that you’re equipped with great advice – here’s wishing you a great date, great time together, whatever you wish to call it. Happy dating!

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