Good days will be here soon: PM Narendra Modi’s amazing first Speech In Lok sabha

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his first speech in Lok Sabha during the joint session of Parliament.

Not only his oratory skills are good, the content of the speech were quite impressive as well.

If he can deliver 35% of what he has outlined, “Achhe Din Jaldi Aayenge” will definitely be true.

Watch PM Modi First Loksabha Speech

Few notable points are being outlined below

  • Will leave no stone unturned in implementing roadmap outlined by the President in his address
  • We will empower the poor to enable them to fight poverty and come out of it.
  • The government should work for the upliftment of the poor.
  • Education is the tool to eradicate poverty. The govt’s agenda is clear – fight poverty with a new vigour.
  • I am not here to criticize any government.
  • There is immense potential in our villages. We have to tap it by connecting with information highway.
    Time has come for India to stand tall.
  • We are sincerely committed to bring down prices; it is our collective responsibility to ensure nobody sleeps hungry.
  • Country needs real-time data on agri products to deal with price rise.
  • Govt has to take strong action against incidents of violence against women like the recent one in UP.
  • Security and respect for women should be the priority of all 125 crore people.
  • The faster we get technology into agriculture we will stand to reap the benefits sooner.
  • Women’s safety should be the top most priority of the country.
  • Have to change our image as “Scam India” to “Skilled India.” We have to focus on skill development.

Way to go PM Modi.

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