Why eSports Betting is Popular these Days?

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The eSports betting industry has come a long way. eSports betting and gambling have taken the whole world by storm. It has been rising over the last few years. Betting on eSports is becoming popular much faster in all parts of the globe. It has become an industry with multi-billion-dollars and big companies and online betting providers are hugely gaining popularity by boasting dedicated bettors in different nations. It has been estimated that the revenues for betting in eSports will reach $23.5 billion in 2020. Let us look at why betting in eSports is much popular these days.

Benefits of eSports Betting

Betting in sports is becoming increasingly popular globally. The main reason for that can be the wide availability of the internet that is making it convenient for the bettors to bet from the comfort of their home. Some of the benefits of betting on eSports are:

  • A high value of entertainment.
  • Great opportunity for making money.
  • Substandard activity for fun and enjoyment.
  • Easy to get started.
  • An inexpensive way to time-pass.
  • Great for getting rid of boredom.

Reasons for the Popularity of eSports Betting

There are many reasons for which gambling or betting on eSports is becoming popular with each passing day. More and more online bettors and gamblers are enjoying this streamlined experience of getting access to the betting markets. Here are some of the reasons for eSports betting to become well-accepted.

The Convenience

Betting on eSports provides convenience to the bettors. It might not be possible for all the online bettors to visit a casino for betting. But with electronic gadgets handy, they can bet on online sports games by just sitting on the couch either on their laptop or mobile phones. Many big companies have made online betting available for adults across the world. They can play and bet according to their convenience.

Many Options and Choices

The online bettors will be spoilt for choices and options for betting on eSports. There is a wide variety of online sports games available for betting and the gamblers can bet on one or many according to their choice. Some of the online sports games also offer some special features and extra bonuses for which more bettors got for it. eSports that are getting more attention from the bettors are:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • Call of Duty
  • League of Legends
  • Starcraft II

New Players are Welcomed

All the new players get a warm welcome by the online community of gaming that offers all kinds of assistance. The community helps the players who are just starting with eSports betting. If someone wants to get more knowledge on sports betting online then the gaming community provides live web chats. There are even customer service representatives who are always ready to provide any support.

Ordinary Becoming Extraordinary

There are a lot of chances of ordinary people to become extraordinary while betting on eSports. This is the beauty of online sports. Within a period, average people become icons by just betting. But there are certain things to keep in mind. The basic idea of betting is to have the required skills and abilities, intelligence, and most importantly, patience. If someone wants to bet regularly in online sports, then he has to know certain tips and tricks just like the rocket league betting tips to become an eSports betting expert.

Promotions, Incentives, and Bonuses

More and more bettors try their hands out in online sports betting because there are high chances of them getting attractive bonuses, incentives, and prize promotions. The betting sites offer these regularly to keep the players engaged and interested. There are also chances of getting loyalty points, cash points, and other kinds of rewards. The eSports betting industry is happy to fulfill the expectations of the players by offering these small perks.

Getting Access to the Extended Online Betting Market

The most exciting thing about betting on eSports is to get access to a lot of virtual betting markets, all thanks to the internet. For instance German casinos are also offering other option and fair and transparent ways to their users. Bettors are no longer confined to one betting market and they can now bet in multiple markets simultaneously. The players can bet on both domestic and foreign sports betting markets because of the internet. It helps the players to get the creative direction in terms of discovering new and great opportunities and winning big.

The Future of eSports Betting

The eSports betting industry is becoming bigger and better day-by-day. A lot of players are finding it interesting to bet on online sports. They are not only dependent on the sportsbooks that are only featured online. They can now access more betting sites and markets to play. Though it has not reached the level of betting on traditional sports like football and soccer, it is believed that online sports betting will be at the top of the betting industry in the future. Some of the reasons why eSports will become the next thing in betting are:

  • The eSports betting market will continue to grow.
  • The growth of eSports betting is improving with the industry rise.
  • More and more bookmakers are getting featured in eSports betting.
  • Online Sportsbooks are getting interested in betting in online sports.
  • Forecasts show skyrocketing of eSports betting.
  • Live eSports betting is likely to become bigger.
  • Land casinos are approving eSports betting.
  • Betting in eSports is offering more opportunities.
  • Traditional sports bettors can switch to eSports betting.
  • eSports betting is getting regular bettors.

Challenges Faced by eSports Betting Now

There are a lot of positive sides to eSports betting which is gaining massive popularity among the bettors and it is being recognized by casinos as well. But the industry is also facing some challenges and obstacles at the moment. Let’s look at the obstacles faced by the online betting industry.

  • Only the major eSports tournaments get recognition and receive serious coverage.
  • Not all Sportsbooks recognize eSports betting.
  • All bettors are not accustomed to online sports betting yet.
  • eSports betting has gained popularity mostly in China, Japan, and other Asian Nations.
  • It is not highly accepted across the globe.