NH10 | Public Review | Anushka Sharma

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Praised by the critics and enthusiastically raved by fans, it’s the most exhilarating and spine-chilling road trip of the year. 

This is one journey, you don’t wanna miss! NH10 – Now certified by the Janta.

When you are faced with mortal danger, you can either fight or flee. NH 10 takes us on a journey in which both fleeing and fighting struggle for space, till the time comes to stop running.

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When young, attractive, urban professional Meera (Anushka Sharma) urges her husband (Neil Bhoopalam) to run away from the men who are terrorising them, she is doing what instinctively comes to most of us. When she turns around to face the enemy, we want to cheer. Because this is a lone woman in a man’s world, the kind of world where women are killed before they are born, or dumped, after they draw their first breath, in rubbish bins. It is the land of the Khaps, where caste and gender determine whether you will live or die. Or, worse, how you will live and die.


Which is why Meera’s decision to turn upon the men with no other weapon than burning rage is too much of a stretch. Singh is clearly someone who knows his Jatland. His villages which dot the Haryana countryside are full of just-right sketches of grizzled taus sitting on khaats and being sardonic: that their jokes are misogynistic will never have occurred to them. The men are drawn with insider knowledge, and they are all scarily good, especially the always excellent Jhankaal, and Kumaar.

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