Is Baby Shampoo Safe to Use on Dogs?

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Your dog’s bath time is an important part of your dog’s hygiene routine. During this time, it’s quite common for many dog owners to find themselves wondering if using baby shampoo on their dog is safe. Most of the time dog owners face this dilemma as they try deciphering which products are best for their dogs.

Yes, baby shampoo is safe but you need to have the right information first. Various brands of baby shampoos are safe for dogs and can be used for regular bathing, especially when you have run out of dog shampoo and your dog needs an urgent bath. More on can you use baby shampoo on dogs can be found on, but if you are one of those asking if use can use baby shampoo on dogs or, whether baby shampoo safe to use on your Dogs, let’s dive deeper to help you decide.

Know the differences between normal and baby shampoo

There is a difference between normal (adult) and baby shampoo. Baby shampoos are often mild in nature and fit to use on a baby’s delicate skin. Because of this, it’s harmless and mild for your dog and maintains the skin’s PH level, lowering the risk of skin irritation and allergies. The adult shampoo, however, may not be the best to use on your dog. This is because it’s likely to cause skin irritations due to its high abrasive nature.

Check the frequency level

While baby shampoo is safe, it’s important to note how frequent you use it. At least once in every four to eight weeks should be fine but not more than that. This is because baby shampoo is not designed for dogs.

Check your puppy’s skin and fur

If your puppy has healthy skin and fur, the baby shampoo is safe to use. Simply ensure that you rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly and carefully from the head to the tail. Baby shampoo also doesn’t affect your dog’s eyes since it’s made for babies.

It can kill fleas

While many vets might not recommend it for your dog, most dog owners claim that fleas disappeared after bathing their dogs or puppies with baby shampoo. When used on your dog the ingredients in baby shampoo have the ability to kill fleas. Most baby shampoos contain ingredients like water, glycerin, potassium acrylates copolymer and sodium trideceth sulfate. The glycerin helps smoothen the skin; the sodium trideceth sulfate reduces irritation as it cleanses the fur. Their PH balance of about 7 also helps reduce skin irritation.

Although you might consider using baby shampoo instead of regular dog shampoo since it’s cheaper than dog shampoos, always use a dog shampoo. Compared to baby shampoos, dog shampoos are specially made for dogs. If you must use a baby shampoo, then choose a mild baby shampoo and find out how your dog reacts to it first. Since your dog might also be sensitive to specific shampoos, especially if your dog has sensitive skin or suffers from a certain condition, figure out which one works best. The shampoo should not cause any skin irritations, discomfort or allergic reactions. If you are not sure which one to use, ask your vet. Your vet will help you decide which shampoo is good for your dog.