Save The Internet: Net Neutrality explained by the amazing AIB Guys

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If by this point, you don’t read the phrase ‘Net Neutrality’ on every Indian internet portal you know, then we still have a lot to do. Net neutrality means when a service provider sells you data they don’t get to choose how the data is used. The idea is that the Internet Service Provider, from whom you buy your internet pack, should NOT under any circumstance be able to control how exactly you use it. It is up to you (the consumer) and only you, how you wish to spend the 1GB 3G data pack you bought from your Internet Service Provider.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Let us have a look at the stand-up comedy group AIB talk about saving the internet!

Comedy group AIB, decided to do its own version of ‘educating’ the viewers by painting the picture of Net Neutrality in a very comprehensive and funny manner. You’re welcome.

The 9-minute video explains why you should care about net neutrality, and digs into some of the more egregious points in TRAI’s consultation paper, quoting from a Medianama report on how data usage is making more revenue for Airtel every quarter. It ends with a link to, which has a pre-written response to the 20 questions in the TRAI consultation paper which can be mailed to [email protected].

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