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50 Most Common American Surnames

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Here is list of 50 most common American surnames, 25 most common American males names and 25 most common American female names.


Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown and Jones were the most common last names, according to a Census Bureau analysis of the 2010 Census.

TOP 50 Most Common American Name

50 Most Common American Surnames (US Census 2010)
 1. Smith  11. Anderson  21. Clark  31. Wright  41. Mitchell
 2. Johnson  12. Thomas  22. Rodriguez  32. Lopez  42. Perez
 3. Williams  13. Jackson  23. Lewis  33. Hill  43. Roberts
 4. Jones  14. White  24. Lee  34. Scott  44. Turner
 5. Brown  15. Harris  25. Walker  35. Green  45. Phillips
 6. Davis  16. Martin  26. Hall  36. Adams  46. Campbell
 7. Miller  17. Thompson  27. Allen  37. Baker  47. Parker
 8. Wilson  18. Garcia  28. Young  38. Gonzalez  48. Evans
 9. Moore  19. Martinez  29. Hernandez  39. Nelson  49. Edwards
 10. Taylor  20. Robinson  30. King  40. Carter  50. Collins
25 Most Popular American Male Names
1. James  6. David  11. Christopher  16. George  21. Ronald
 2. John  7. Richard  12. Daniel  17. Kenneth  22. Anthony
 3. Robert  8. Charles  13. Paul  18. Steven  23. Kevin
 4. Michael  9. Joseph  14. Mark  19. Edward  24. Jason
 5. William  10. Thomas  15. Donald  20. Brian  25. Jeff
25 Most Popular American Female Names
 1. Mary  6. Jennifer  11. Lisa  16. Sandra  21. Michelle
 2. Patricia  7. Maria  12. Nancy  17. Donna  22. Laura
 3. Linda  8. Susan  13. Karen  18. Carol  23. Sarah
 4. Barbara  9. Margaret  14. Betty  19. Ruth  24. Kimberly
 5. Elizabeth  10. Dorothy  15. Helen  20. Sharon  25. Deborah

[Ref: American Name Society and US census 2010]

The American Name Society, founded in 1951, is a learned society founded “to promote  monastics (Study of names), the study of names and naming practices, both in the United States and abroad and to investigate cultural insights, settlement history, and linguistic characteristics revealed in names.

The U.S. Census Bureau sent us this fun information about the most popular last names in America, as recorded in the 2010 Census.

Despite the nation’s growing racial and ethnic diversity, the five most frequent American surnames in 2010 remained the same as in 2000 and were mainly reported by whites and blacks.


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