Secrets of the Happiest Couples Revealed- An Infographic

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A happy couple is the perfect couple, who know how to live life with full of enjoyment. A good relationship required effort and care to endure and evolve so that both partners continue to feel fulfilled. Do you think so it is just luck or destiny that people are so fulfilled in their relationship? So you are wrong! Even the happiest, healthiest relationships take hard work and commitment, but the reward of enduring love is definitely worth it!

Reckontalk team sharing this info-graphic from happiness training app Happify  that could help you improve your romantic relationship. It sums up several important findings from studies on what makes couples happy.

The graphic reveals, for example, that happy couples have five positive interactions for every negative one, versus the 0.8 positive interactions for every negative one that divorced couples go through.


Secret Of Happy Couples


1. Happy couple are always good friends.

2. People in happy marriages are fond of talking with each other, they spend more time sharing their stories and recalling their old memories.

3. Cultivate positive interactions everyday.

4. They compliment to each other, show their appreciation for anything small or big.

5. They believe in doing something creative, nice to the spouse.

6. In the bedroom, they make time for intimacy, they do it at least 2 or 3 times a week.

7. People are 55% more likely to report higher levels of happiness when they have done it every few days.

8. Having done this once a week makes people 44% positive feelings.

9. A good relationship depends upon how actively you celebrate partners good news.

10. In recent study found that people who congratulate their partners or praise them 3x/day for 1 week increased their happiness and felt less depressed afterwards.

11. Couples who have new experiences together report feeling more loving and supportive towards one another and more satisfied with their marriages.

12. Happy couples go for evening walk, dine at a new restaurant in town, go to a concert together, try new tricks for enjoying life.

13. Happy couples love to cook together, they do small or big task together.

14. Couples in happiest relationships bring out the best in each other.

15. The help each other get closer to becoming their “Ideal” selves.

16. Happy couple often recall or share old memories when the shared laughter together.

17. Happy couples fight with each other but they show humor, express affection even in fighting rather criticizing or act defectively.

18. Based on 20 year British study, people who don’t have children, have college degrees and employed are most happiest couple.

19. Those who have been married for less than 5 years are considered to be happier. A study shows marriage leads to big happiness boost for 2 years, on average.

20. American couples reveal why they got hitched? 93% showed interest in love, 87% showed interest in making a lifelong commitment, 81% showed interest in companionship, 59% showed interest in having children, 31% showed interest in having financially stable.

21. Married couple are unhappiest when kids are in preschool, but again happiness level boost up once kids has grown up.

So the Point to be noted that when it comes to strengthening your relationship, studies show the most crucial factor is how you celebrate your partner’s good news. In one study, people who did this 3x a day for 1 week increased their happiness and felt less depressed afterwards. one more thin,  your mileage might vary of course, but if having a happy marriage (or long-term relationship) is worth an additional $105,000 a year in terms of life satisfaction, it’s all good stuff to know.


This Infographic Reveals “What is the secret of happy married life?”

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