What People Bet on the Most in India

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Despite numerous legal restrictions, the gambling sector is popular in India. Its exact size is hard to determine currently because of the lack of any official regulator or agency surveying the market. However, all estimates indicate that gambling is prevalent all over the country, with the market growing at a rate of around 20% per annum.

Many bookmakers are allowing you to place bets on almost any sport. Therefore, you must choose a betting platform that offers you the best odds and bonuses. Always go for a platform with many betting options on domestic and international sporting events.

Although there are many sports popular with gamblers in India, the following are the most popular among them:


Cricket is synonymous with India. For over 3 centuries, it has maintained a loyal following. This is demonstrated by the massive popularity and success of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

It features various top teams across the country, with some of the best players in cricket. The game is very strategic and comes in various forms like the Twenty20 series, Test matches, ODIs, and First Class Cricket.

Cricket is a major part of online betting and has become the default choice for Indian online players. Most online betting platforms offer you the convenience and flexibility of picking standalone sportsbooks or betting exchanges. This means that you will have better opportunities to diversify your gambling portfolio.

Top IPL betting sites in India provide all the important updates and details when betting on cricket matches. One of the notable markets in cricket betting is “Innings Runs,” which allows you to bet on the number of runs in the first innings only.

Another market is “Team of Top Bowler,” which enables you to choose which team will have the bowler with the most wickets in the game. With the “Coin Toss Winner” wager, you can select the winner of the opening coin toss.


Football is popular among Indian players and players from all corners of the world. It has several top leagues, worldwide tournaments, and world-renowned high-profile players.

It has billions of ardent fans who are always keen on the latest developments in the sport. Regardless of whether you are a new or professional gambler, you will find plenty of opportunities when betting on football.

The popularity of the sport has many advantages from a gambler’s perspective. The large number of operators seeking players’ attention means that you will easily find great odds-on major football events.

Also, its deep and strategic nature makes football betting one of the most exciting markets in the gambling sector. Although you may be overwhelmed by the numerous choices at your disposal, you are assured of a great gaming experience when betting on football.

The “Double Chance” market lets you select two outcome options in each game. You can predict either team to win or draw. This drastically improves your chances of winning.

With the “First Goal Scorer” wager, you can predict which player will score the game’s first goal. On the other hand, the “Both Teams to Score” market allows you to bet on whether both teams will score at least one goal in the match or not.

However, it would be best to employ a good betting strategy when betting on football to ensure success. It would be best to keep track of information such as form, playing style, and team news.

Horse Racing

In recent years, horse racing has grown in popularity across India. As it is the only traditional form of sports betting that is acceptable and legal in most jurisdictions, horse racing has revolutionized and modernized the concept of sports gambling.

When betting on horse racing, you will realize that there is great odds-on offer. This can be largely attributed to the prevalence of BOG promotions which are unique to horse racing. These promotions offer you a huge strategic advantage.

The wide coverage of the sport will excite you as it makes you feel like you are part of the sport. However, the number of competitors in horse racing differentiates it from other sports. The good news is that you can utilize these wide ranges of markets to increase your profits. But you should remember that you need to research intensely if you want to make smart bets.

The “To Win” market lets you predict the winner of the race. You can also use the “To Place” wager to expand your winning chances. Your bet will be successful if your favorite horse finishes in the top three or more through some sportsbooks. The “Forecast Bet” option allows you to choose the top two horses in the exact order.


Tennis has captured the imagination of many sports enthusiasts for decades. The current crop of players, such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Alexander Zverev, has constantly been entertaining their fans through their battles in various global tournaments. This has certainly put the game’s popularity on an upwards trajectory. Also, it is difficult to replicate the game’s action-packed ferocity.

You can wager on every point, set, and game when it comes to tennis. You can get great odds for renowned events such as Wimbledon and Rolland Garros. Since licensing rights are not as strict as in other sports, it is easy to find live streaming services for most tournaments.

Betting on tennis is as exciting as the game itself. You will find that the games have been broken down into different segments to help you easily identify various markets you can wager on.

Since big tournaments often have mismatched players facing each other, the “Handicap” wager provides a perfect opportunity to balance that difference. The “First Set Winner” lets you predict which player or team will win the opening set or any individual set.

This is a great option because it breaks down the game into its basic elements. Lastly, the “Total Games or Over/Under” market lets you predict the number of games you think the match will cover.