Why India Is So Different From Anywhere Else For Travelers ?

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We often see and hear people saying that India is "so different from anywhere else" and that it is like "another planet" or "there is no other country like it." This comes from travelers regardless of whether they love the country or hate it, and also from those who had traveled widely before arriving in India. I have rarely seen Western travelers describing countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, or even other South Asian countries such as Nepal or Sri Lanka described as "another planet." What are some concrete examples in India that people find "so different" from even other non-Western countries.


There are various factors which makes foreigners to think that India is a different planet. Most importantly..


1. The way Indians stare at them:
It's perhaps more than a bit of Cultural shock for foreigners to be in a country like India where everyone stares as though they came from some alien planet. It really annoys them.

2. Culture:
The way of dressing is extremely different. People from west do not feel embarrassed about their clothing whereas we are restricted to certain type of dressing. Ultimately it leads to the first point.

3. Language:
We have so many languages within our country itself and we fight for our own language to be the best.

4. Population:
Their total country's population is equal to our country's Engineer's population. :P

5. Huge Difference in Entry fee in some tourist places:
Sometimes you can find the entry fee for Indians and Foreigners in some tourist spots greatly differs. For example: The entry fee in Charminar for Indians is Rs.5 and for foreigners is Rs.100


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