13 Simple Steps to Update/Change Aadhaar Card Details Online

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Now you can update your Details online of your Aadhaar Card easily, if you want to do some correction with your details in your Aadhaar Card than you can do it Online, no need to wait in queue at Enrollment Centers.

Having a Aadhaar card is useful only when correct details are reflecting in the card. If your card is having wrong details you can modify your details like incorrect name, date of birth, gender or changed address online very easily. If you want to change your surname after marriage then here is the process on how to update correct details on Aadhaar Card. There will be two options you can Update your details online and also you can send update request through post. Just follow the instructions given there and you are done with your Correction's and Update.

Now do Correction's and Updates of your Aadhaar Card Online.

To do update Online of your Aadhaar Card just follow 13 simple steps given below.

Step by Step guide to update Aadhaar Status:

1. Click here to go to the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal

2. Enter your Aadhaar Card Number

3. Enter the one-time password received on your registered mobile number.

4. Click Submit

5. Check mark the field name which you want to update/change (The next screen shows tick mark options to change Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address and Mobile Number in the AADHAAR Card. )

6. Press ‘Submit' button.

7. Enter the new values in the field(s)

8. Click on ‘Submit Update Request' button

9. Verify the details, if correct tick mark the confirm check-box and press the ‘Proceed'

10. On ‘Update Request Confirmation and Document Upload'

11. Select the document you have as proof

12. Browse the scanned copy of the same document on your computer

13. Click on ‘Submit' button.


Once your update is complete you will see that status that -Your update request has been successfully submitted on date. Your Update Request Number(URN) is 0000/00111/0XXXX'.
The confirmation is also received on your mobile number along with URN. Better to make note of URN so that you can keep track of the status later. However, you can also download the acknowledgement slip from 'Download' option or can take a printout by clicking on the ‘Print' button.
One can check Aadhaar Card update status here.

Note: Keep all your documents and proofs handy before requesting for changes. Updated AADHAAR Card will be delivered at the registered address only in case of update / correction in Name, Address,Date of Birth and Gender.

You Can also visit this link: https://portal.uidai.gov.in/ResidentPortal/updateLink

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