16 Undeniable Proof that United States Is The Weirdest Place On Earth. #4 Is A Little Embarrassing

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The U.S. is a melting pot of cultures so it makes sense we might do things a little differently than other parts of the world. Here are some maps and facts that prove the U.S. is endearingly odd… But we're fine with it. Being different just makes life more interesting.

If you live in the United States of America, then you’ll know it’s a little different from other countries around the world. It’s a relatively young nation and a melting pot of different cultures. You may think you know how the US differs from other countries, but you probably don’t know the half of it.

Here are some interesting ways that the United States is a little weird, relative to the rest of the world. These facts may make you feel a little proud… but also a little strange.

1. The metric system is not our system. Only loosers use Metric System

US Weired Place to Live 1

2. Because why not make things as confusing as possible?

US Weired Place to Live 2

3. Check.

US Weired Place to Live 3

4. Celsius is just not our thing.

US Weired Place to Live 4

5. Because why wouldn't the U.S. be listed before every other country?

US Weired Place to Live 5

6. Soccer. Yep. Just Soccer. It's called "World Cup Soccor," People

US Weired Place to Live 6

7. Everything we do, we do it big. Well, India being an exception now. We will catch them..huh

US Weired Place to Live 7

8. The only country that cares about the Super Bowl and (American) Football. USA! USA! USA! We’re the #1 Superbowl Champs.

US Weired Place to Live 8

9. Military time? No way.

US Weired Place to Live 9

10. This is nice.

US Weired Place to Live 10

11. The World Series is kind of our thing too.

US Weired Place to Live 11

12. What is this “ananas” thing you speak of?

US Weired Place to Live 12

13. LOLOL, labeling?

US Weired Place to Live 13

14. America also loves its gold. And Yes America is far ahead of India, as they claim!

US Weired Place to Live 15

15. We also have tall buildings.

US Weired Place to Live 16

16. Powers in international relations. No big deal.

Power in Internation Relation


If you’re proud to be an American, then you’re also proud to be a little weird (that’s not a bad thing). The US marches to the beat of its own drum…  celebrate it by sharing this article!


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