2G and 3G KPI Improvement by Parameter optimization (NSN, Ericsson, Huawei)

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When analyzing a 2G network, engineers tend to focus on voice call related issues, such as call quality, call failures and RF conditions. Engineers emphasize the importance of enhancing voice call performance mainly by optimizing coverage or attempting to identify the root cause of voice call failures due to adjacency definition, power control or handover parameter. With the deployment of 3G networks, engineers must also take notice of network performance data including maintaining balance between throughput, capacity and radio quality, and also IRAT (Inter Radio Access Technology Handover), in order to ensure a seamless transition between 2G and 3G networks.

Following are the key attributes followed by Top Telecom Vendors like Ericsson, Huawei & NSN for 2G & 3G KPI Improvement by parameter optimization.

TCH Blocking

  • If the utilization of a cell is low and its still having blocking check for hardware issue
  • For high utilized cell, try changing FRL FRU Parameters in the cell
  • Enable Direct Retry in the cell
  • Enable Traffic based handovers
  • If still there is blocking add TRXs if configuration is less than 4 in case of ultra/flexi and 6 in case of MR


SD blocking

  • Increase SDCCH timeslots by monitoring trend of SDCCH blocks vs SDCCH attempts—SD dimensioning
  • Increase the Value of HYS at LAC boundary cells
  • Implement Dynamic SDCCH feature
  • Implement increased SDCCH capacity feature
  • Perform physical optimization at LAC boundary cells


TCH drop

  • Check for frequency hit
  • Change RLT to 28, ARLT to 44
  • Try reducing the value of RXP
  • Change QMRG parameter to 3—check for degradation in DL quality as well
  • Check for hardware issue
  • Check for MO, MS,HSN
  • Physically optimize if its a cell specific issue
  • Check for end to end SYNC BTS,BSC & MSS,MGW



  • Check for the neighbours which are causing degradation in HFR
  • Delete the neighbour if its unwanted
  • Check for hardware issue in the target cell
  • Change the value of SL to -90 and QMRG to 3(check for degradation in DL quality as well)



  • Check for the 7745 channel failure alarm. Lock the faulty TRXs/timeslots
  • Change TRP parameter to 1 and BFG to 2
  • Follow steps mentioned in TCH blocking KPI if TASR is degraded due to TCH blocking


SD drop

  • Lock the timeslot which is having high SD drop(in case of channel failure alarm starting with 02)
  • Change T200S(BCF level) to 1000
  • Change RXP to -102


Paging Success Rate

  • In case of high paging load, perform LAC splitting
  • Change AT (Repaging attempts)=2, INT(Repaging interval)=500 ms

In this article we have posted improvement techniques for 2G KPIs. For 3G KPI improvement and more on 2G KPIs keep visiting ReckonTalk

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