11 Proven & Surprising Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

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Adding wheat germ to your baby’s food is an effortless way to give your little one a real nutritional boost.

Because it is packed with essential nutrients and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, wheat germ health benefits are extraordinary. This specific type of ingredient is one of the single most beneficial ingredients that you can use in any type of cooking and food preparation. Fortunately, it’s also very variable and has many different practical applications.

Wheat has been an integral part of the daily diet of millions of Indians for eons. Its usage in different dishes mostly involves grinded flour that may or may not contain all the three parts of a wheat kernel. A wheat kernel has three prime parts; Bran, Endosperm and Germ.

Here are list of proven & surprising health benefits of wheat germ

1# Regulates Nervous System

Wheat germ oil is also beneficial in lifting the mood as it contains the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids, which help in regulating the nervous system systematically. It makes you energetic and also reduces the stress to a great extent as it contains vitamin-B complex.

2# Improves Immunity

Wheat germ being rich in all types of nutrients helps in enhancing immunity. The protein hydrolysates present in wheat germ increases the activity of antioxidants in the body. This prevents cell and tissue damage to the body and eradication of any infectious organism, thereby improving the body defense mechanism.

3# Healthy Hair

Healthy hair can be obtained by adding Vitamin E to your diet. If your body remains deprived of Vitamin E, your hair will become very rough, dry and they will start to break very easily.

So, if you want to gain strong, healthy and shiny hair, wheat germ oil can do it for you. This is because; wheat germ oil is the major source of vitamin E. You can either take it in oil form, capsules or even flakes of wheat germ. This will help you stay healthy, and will also boost hair growth.

4# Antioxidant And Anti-Aging Properties

Wheat germ has antioxidant and anti-aging properties, which help in preventing many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. It also helps in reducing the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, and also reduces premature aging signs. It preserves the texture of your skin and hair, and even protects your skin from damage.

5# Essential Fatty Acids

The essential fatty acid alpha linolenic acid in wheat germ oil fights inflammation, while protecting the cardiovascular and immune systems. Wheat germ oil also contains other highly beneficial essential fatty acids, such as stearic acid, which has been shown to produce positive effects on lipid profiles, and oleic acid, which protects the heart.

6# Improves Fertility

Diets that are rich in wheat germ have proven through scientific studies to be more effective at helping women to be fertile. if you’re planning to conceive, or if you’ve been attempting to conceive but have not had success, you may wish to consider incorporating more wheat germ into your diet. Over an extended period of time, this may help to boost your fertility and increase the chances of conception.

7# Increases Stamina

Presence of octacosanol which is shown to have properties that enhance stamina and athletic performance of a person. Wheat germ when consumed regularly helps athletes to maintain their daily energy requirements and perform better. Also, the calcium and proteins in wheat germ increase stamina and makes body stronger.

8# Prevents Skin Problems

Wheat germ oil helps in providing you with a healthy skin as it prevents many skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. You can apply it topically – it will soothe and repair your skin. It contains vitamin E oil, which is considered to be very good for the skin.

9# Cleaning of the Digestive System

Wheat germ is rich in dietary fiber. Fiber is responsible for a number of important functions in your body, but one of the most crucial of them all is keeping your digestive tract clean. This prevents buildup that may cause gastric problems and which also may ultimately lead to cysts, tumors or various types of cancer. By eating regular doses of wheat germ, you help to keep your system working smoothly and to prevent any of these issues from arising.

10# Prevents Diabetes

Folic acid is present in high quantities in wheat germ that makes it an effective food against diabetes. Folic acid reduces the level of homocysteine in body and therefore it reduces the risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes and vascular irregularities. A daily supplement of wheat germ in diet is highly recommended for people at risk of developing such diseases.

11# Blood Clots

Vitamin E and many of the other ingredients contained within wheat germ are useful also as antioxidants. Antioxidants help to counter rogue oxygen species molecules in your blood that can attack certain cells and cause a variety of damage. In addition to being a good way to fight off cancer and certain other degenerative conditions, antioxidants that are present in wheat germ will help to deal with any blood clots that exist in your system as well.

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