18 Celebs With Historical Doppelgangers. How Is #4 So Perfect?!

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DO YOU HAVE an exact double somewhere in the world? Can a person be in two places at once? There are many intriguing accounts throughout history of people who claim to have either encountered apparitions of themselves — their doppelgangers — or have experienced the phenomenon of bilocation, being in two separate locations at the very same time.


In straight sense – "Doppelganger" is German for "double walker" — a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person.

Traditionally, it is said that only the owner of the doppelganger can see this phantom self, and that it can be a harbinger of death. Occasionally, however, a doppelganger can be seen by a person's friends or family, resulting in quite a bit of confusion.


These are some of the most uncanny we could find. Do you know of any others?


1. Jimmy Fallon vs. Turkish revolutionary Mahir Canyan.

Jimmy Fallon vs. Turkish revolutionary Mahir Canyan,Doppelgangers, celebrity Doppelgangers, historical Doppelgangers, Doppelgangers pics

2. Ellen DeGeneres vs. Henry David Thoreau

Historical Dopplegangers 2

3. Jeffrey Tambor vs. Benjamin Franklin

Historical Dopplegangers 3

4. Justin Timberlake vs. old mugshot.

Justin Timberlake vs. old mugshot., Doppelgangers, celebrity Doppelgangers, historical Doppelgangers, Doppelgangers pics

5. Glenn Close vs. George Washington.

Historical Dopplegangers 5

6. John Travolta vs. 1860s man.

Historical Dopplegangers 6

7. Chuck Norris vs. Vincent VanGogh

Historical Dopplegangers 7


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8. Nicholas Cage vs. Civi War era man.

Historical Dopplegangers 8

9. Jay-Z vs. unknown Harlem man.

Historical Dopplegangers 9

10. Jon Stewart vs. Henry Ward Beecher.

Historical Dopplegangers 10

11. Bruce Willis vs. General Douglas McArther.

Historical Dopplegangers 11

12. Donald Trump vs. General George Patton.

Historical Dopplegangers 12

13. Keanu Reeves, some unknown men from years past and more Keanu Reeves.

Historical Dopplegangers 13

14. Jack Black vs. The Barber of Seville.

Historical Dopplegangers 14

15. Tommy Lee Jones vs. Andrew Johnson.

Historical Dopplegangers 15
New film opportunity?


16. Paul Giamatti vs. William Shakespeare.

Historical Dopplegangers 16

17. Dustin Diamond vs. Random vintage man.

Historical Dopplegangers 17

18. Britney Spears vs. Granny Baboon.

Historical Dopplegangers 18


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