Chalta Rahe Tera Mera Milon Ka Yaarana – Hero Splendor 2015 New Ad | Ankit Tiwari

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Hero Splendor New TV Ad Song ‘Meelon Ka Yaarana’.

Hero MotoCorp has recently launched its new TV commercial for its bike Splendor, with a beautiful song ‘Chalta Rahe Tera Mera Meelon Ka Yaarana‘. The song is sung by none other than the well known music composer cum singer of Bollywood Ankit Tiwari. Hero’s last ads’ songs ‘Hum Mein Hai Hero’ & ‘Sagon Se Bhi Sagaa’ were loved by everyone & the latest one is also sounds very nice.



Meelon Ka Yaarana Song Details:

Title: Meelon Ka Yaarana (TV Ad)
Company: Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
Singer: Ankit Tiwari
Music by: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics by: N/A
Direction: Mr. Aniket Shirke
Director of Photography (Dop): MR. Ayananka Bose
Production: Imaginary Friend pictures Agency JWT

Meelon Ka Yaarana Song Lyrics:

Marzi meri chalti tujhse
Raahein meri sajti tujhse
Tu hai toh main hun
Aur manzilon ka ghar aana

Chalta rahe…
Tera mera meelon ka yaarana
Chalta rahe…
Tera mera meelon ka yaarana

Tu chale toh chale
Mera aaj mera kal
Har raha pe dil yeh
Gaaye taraana

Chalta rahe…
Tera mera meelon ka yaarana
Chalta rahe…
Tera mera meelon ka yaarana

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