The Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue: Understanding More About It

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Whether you are new to vaping or have vaped for a number of years, you probably have heard about vaper’s tongue. If this is a new term to your ears, there is no need to be worried. So, let’s take a look at what this means. Vaper’s tongue, also known as vaper’s fatigue, occurs when you suddenly feel numb as you vape and can no longer enjoy your favorite e-juice, including premium vape juice. Some people claim not to experience the taste of e-juice any longer. If you have experienced this in your vaping life, then you should understand more about it. Keep reading to learn the causes and how to address it.

Vaper’s tongue happens unexpectedly. The term vaper’s tongue is used to cover a wide range of taste-related ailments from going off a single individual flavor that you used to like loss of taste in the tongue. Sometimes, it happens just days after trying out a new flavor. However vaping is better than smoking, rest assured it is not a medical condition. The causes are simple explanations, and knowing them can help you alleviate it sooner, rather than later. Duration of the condition may last for one to three days.

Vaper’s tongue Cause

Simply, you are suffering from an ailment caused by olfactory and taste bud fatigue. The taste buds and the smell senses can no longer recognize a certain flavor or e-juice. In extreme cases, vapers cannot even smell the e-juice. If you are used to mixing different flavors within a short time like a day, you could also experience this issue with multiple flavors.

The brain has a role to play because it stores the information about the flavors. If it cannot remember or send the right message, then vaper’s fatigue will also occur.

Other causes may include an ailment that affects the taste buds. In some cases, oral cancer or other chronic illnesses can be the cause. Drugs, alcohol and other substances can result in vaper’s fatigue if these substances have damaged your taste buds.

Dealing with Vaper’s Tongue

The first thing to know is that this condition is common and is not the result of any harm to the body in most cases. Therefore, you can visit the ePuffer website and buy some totally new flavors of e-juice to see if the issue will disappear. Taste buds can be awakened by the sense of a new taste. In fact, this is what coffee and perfume testers do whenever this problem occurs. See, there is nothing to worry about especially if you know the underlying cause.

Persistent vaper’s tongue problems should be taken to a doctor for further treatments. If there are other signs like pain, there could be damage to the taste buds. So, check for all these signs before making any further conclusions. Some tests can be conducted in a local doctor’s office or hospital by oral specialists.

Drink enough water because this will not only cool the nerves but also keep them hydrated for faster healing. Medical experts have always confirmed that water is a natural medication that can aid in healing many kinds of illnesses.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that you can quit vaping for some time to allow for recovery. Possibly, you could even be allergic to some flavors of e-juice without knowing it. After a full recovery, you can try vaping again to see if symptoms occur.

Ways to get rid of vapers tongue

* Drink more water
* Cut back on caffeine and alcohol
* Use an oral hydration product
* Clean your tongue
* Stop smoking
* Take longer breaks in between vapes
* Switch juices
* Try a mentholated or cooling flavor
* Vape unflavored


Generally, vaper’s tongue is nothing to worry about. However, the insights above list a variety of possible causes and solutions. After reading and understanding them, you are in a better position to deal with this condition.

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