10 Signs You’re a Gadget Freak

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You think that you have an obsession for super cool gadgets! Every time you walk into a gizmo store you feel like you’re James Bond coming across a whole new array of mind blowing gadgets.

Here are 10 Signs That You’re a Gadget Freak:

1. Your degree of happiness is directly proportional to the number of gadgets you own.


2. While others shed blood in the Apple vs. Samsung vs. Blackberry fight, you do the wise thing and carry all three.


3. You have a separate drawer in your house, which contains at least three dozen cables, wires and chargers.


4. When you go to a store to buy a gadget, you bamboozle the salesman with your in-depth questions.


5. Buying the right TV was more difficult than choosing the right person to marry.


6. You have several “contacts” in the United States who can always get you the latest gadgets at a cheaper rate.


7. Despite your busy work schedule, you’ll still find time to try out that latest game on your PS3 or XBOX.


8. You have at least 10 pen drives and 5 external hard disks!


9. “Release Date” for you doesn’t apply to Bollywood movies but the latest devices!


10. And lastly, 80% of your credit card limit is spent on gadgets!


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