Animals in Womb- This Is Just Amazing | #1st time in the history

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Peter Chinn used a combination of ultrasounds, computer graphics, and tiny cameras to create these 4-D replicas of what baby animals look like in the womb. This Is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.



Dolphin in Womb



Kangaroo in Womb


Polar Bears

Polar Bears in Womb


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Snakes in Womb



Opossum in Womb



Cheetah in Womb



Bird in Womb



Penguin in Womb

Penguin in Womb 1


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Lemon Shark

Lemon Shark in Womb



Bats in Womb



Elephant in Womb

Elephant in Womb 1


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Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark in Womb



Wolf in Womb



Horse in Womb


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