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The majority revenue of online firms like facebook, google, twitter come from online advertisement- in either direct or indirect way and it's not a hidden fact.

Here is an infographic that breaks down some of the numbers — both money-numbers and user-numbers — behind Facebook. As per ads analyst firm eMarketer while google continues to dominate the online advt. market , facebook is on rise taking a considerable chunk of around 6.5% ( a increase of .6% YoY) of all online advertising money spent in United States.  

Interestingly, a fair chunk of that income is derived from other web companies, such as Fab.com, Zynga, and Groupon. The most money from ads, however, comes from financial services companies like American Express.

Top 10 Facebook Advertisers:

  1. Zynga- Social Gaming
  2. Fab- Design Blog/Retail
  3. EA- Video Game
  4. P&G- Consumer Goods                                                                                                  
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    Facebook Behind The Scene
  5. AT&T- Telecommunications
  6. American Express- Financial Service
  7. Experian- Information Services
  8. Groupon- E-commerce
  9. Walmart- Retail
  10. Microsoft- Software


With increase of mobile penetration in developing countries and saturation of facebook users in developed countries, the Facebook's focus is intended to capture around next billion users in less developed areas of Asia, Africa, India, and South America.

In fact, in its latest earnings report, Facebook revealed it had a grand total of 189 million “mobile-only monthly active users (MAUs)” who accessed Facebook solely through mobile apps or Facebook’s mobile website, indicating a likely lack of desktop usage.

Few intesting Facts that come out of this Infographic analysis:-

  • Women are more active than men on facebook.
  • Men Prefer picture of women
  • Women prefer picture of women
  • Women upload and are getting tagged twice than men
  • Demographically- North American Women aged 18-24 are most common.
  • 27 million users bought virtual goods totaling $ 810 million through facebook payment
  • 83% of world population can be seen as potential client base.


Most popular Facebook Games:

  • Candy Crush Saga- by King
  • Garden Of Time – by Playdom
  • Cityville- by Zynga
  • The Sims Social- by EA
  • Indiana Jones- by Zynga
  • Bingo Blitz- by Buffalo Studios
  • Double Down Casino- by Double Down


Fastest Growing Countries 2012:-

  • Brazil: +29 mil
  • India: +21 mil
  • Japan: +11 mil
  • Indonesia: +10 mil
  • Mexico: +10 mil
  • Vietnam: +7 mil
  • US: +6 mil
  • South Korea: +5 mil
  • Thialand: +4 mil
  • Germany: +3 mil


“Facebook really represents an opportunity to connect over 900 million people,” said engineering director Doug Purdy at the same event, “but we hope one day for it to be the entire world.”

Below is the infographic (Click on it to view full version)


Facebook: Behind the Numbers

Infographic Source: Great Business Schools


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