Health Benefits of Grapes | 13 Amazing & Surprising Facts

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One of the most satisfying pleasures in life is biting into a hard, sweet juicy grape. They come in a variety of colours, flavours and textures and are actually considered a berry.
It contains a high amount of Resveratrol that make it more beneficial. It was found that French people are healthier instead of eating a diet rich in fat. They include red wine in their regular diet.
The health benefits of grapes are endless, from helping prevent cancer to treating indigestion and poor eyesight.

Health Benefits of Grapes | 13 Amazing & Surprising Facts

1. Healthy Eye Sights:

Eating grapes protect eyes from free radicals.

Free radicals are responsible for retinal degeneration. Thus, it affects the vision of the eye and can lead to complete loss of vision, But Resveratrol protects eyes from these free radicals.

2. Protect from Cancer:

High Resveratrol provides grapes anti-cancer property. Also, it contains anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin that inhibit the growth of cancer cell.

They are also effective against cancer due to its rich antioxidant content. These antioxidants also provide grapes anti-cancer property.


3. Kidney Health:

Grapes and freshly pressed grape juice is a diuretic and is excellent for cleaning out the kidneys and may help remedy kidney stones! Grapes are also great for the bladder by improving urination and eliminating toxic waste material more efficiently.


4. Helps you Lose Weight:

Like cucumber and bottle gourd, grapes too is a good option for those looking to lose weight.  A 100g serving contains just 67 calories, and since the fruit is loaded with water and fibre, it’ll make you feel full and reduce hunger pangs for a long time.


5. Lower Blood Pressure:

Grapes are an excellent source of potassium,Potassium is required to maintain sodium level. It balances electrolyte level in the body.
So it is effective to protect from hypertension, stroke, heart attack and also maintain blood pressure.


6. Sustained Energy:

Grapes are one of the purest forms of helping to improve energy levels and sustain them throughout the day. Whenever I eat a meal of grapes, my attention is clearly focused and I feel like I can achieve a million tasks at once. I like to refer to grapes as little mini rocket fuel balls – they contain the perfect balance of water and sugar and are a great afternoon pick-me-up!


7.  Increase Muscle Recovery:

During exercise uric acids get deposited in cells and organ of an athlete which slower the recovery.

But eating grapes flushes these uric acids. Thus, it increases the speed of recovery.


8. Keeps you Looking Younger:

The strong antioxidant property of polyphenolic compounds and vitamins present in grapes that prevent early ageing caused by free radical damage.


9. Constipation:

Regular intake of grapes relieves constipation and improves the process of digestion. 1glass of grape juice on empty stomach regulates bowel movements.


10. Lung support:

It is curious to note that grapes themselves look like the tiny alveoli in our lungs (perhaps a sign that these little globes of sweetness are perfect for healing lung conditions!). According to Elson M. Hass, M.D., grapes are one of the best ways to help clean out the lungs. Drinking freshly squeezed grape juice for 5-7 days, or simply eating just the grape itself (and nothing else), will help detox and clear the lung of any impurities.


11. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Regular consumption of grapes prevents Alzheimer’s disease in old age and also other nervous problems. The anti-oxidant reservatrol helps to prevent them.


12. Removes Toxins:  

Grapes flushes out the body toxins and also purify blood. Regular intake creates aversion to intoxicants like tobacco, alcohol, tea and coffee. Grapes also help in liver and kidney detoxification.


13. Allergy Relief:

Red grapes contain an anti-inflammatory called resveratrol, which helps relieve allergy symptoms and improves your ability to breathe (especially in spring when things go to seed!).


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