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How To Apply For Indian Passport for Kids and Children

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The kids and children who are under the age of 18 are considered as minors in India. While applying for the first time for the Indian Passport for Kids and Children, the details of valid passports held by both or either parents should be furnished in the application form. In the cases where the parents do not hold valid passports, applications for such children can be made on the basis of three documents out of following fourteen documents,

  • Electro Photo Identity Card
  • Service Identity Card issued by State/Central Government
  • SC/ST/OBC certificates
  • Freedom fighter Identity Cards
  • Arms Licenses
  • Property Documents such as Pattas, Registered deeds e.t.c
  • Ration Cards
  • Pension documents
  • Railway Identity Cards
  • Income Tax Identity Cards
  • Bank/Post office passbooks
  • Student Identity Cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Birth Certificates

The passport validity for the kids and children is restricted for 5 years or attaining 18 years of age which ever is earlier. In normal case the signature/consent of both the parents is required for the issue of passport to kids and children. The physical appearance of the minor may be required sometimes before the passport officer. The passport for the kids or children is giving on post-police verification basis.

Passport Application Form:

There are two ways to get a passport application form, one is to register online and take a print out of the application form and second is to directly get the application form from nearest passport office or speed post centers.

Guidelines to fill the application Form:

As the passport application form is machine readable, there are some guidelines to fill in the application form.


  • Use Capital letters only.
  • Use black or blue ball pen only.
  • Leave on box after completing a word while filling in the boxes.
  • Write clearly in the boxes with out touching the boundaries.
  • Adjust the information to fit in the given number of boxes.
  • Do not write anything outside the box. Avoid over-writing.
  • Complete the applications in full.

Apply for Passport :

If you have registered online then you will be given a appointment date and time, you need to submit the printed application form in the passport office at the given date and time. The passport application can be submitted at

  • The counter of the passport office
  • The speed post centers
  • District passport cells
  • Passport collection centers

An application for a passport may be submitted personally or through a representative carrying an authority letter.

When applying for a minor’s passport attach:

(a)  A Declaration affirming the particulars furnished in the application about the minor child as per ‘Annexure-H (signed by both parents), Annexure “C” (Single parents who are separated but not formally divorced/Single parent of the child born out of wedlock),  Annexure “G” (when passport is being applied for by single parent or legal guardian) .  Annexure “I”  (when a minor between 15-18 years of age applies for a full validity 10 year passport OR in case either parents who do not hold valid Indian passport while applying passport for their minor child), as the case may be.

(b) Attested photocopy of passport, if any, of both parents, applicable.

(c) Original passports of parents should be presented for verification of particulars.

(d)  If one parent is resident abroad, a Sworn affidavit by the parent resident abroad attested by the Indian Mission along with affidavit from parent residing inIndiaas  well be submitted.

N.B.: Ordinarily the consent of both parents is required for issue of a passport to a minor (below 18 years of age).   However if it is absolutely not possible due to any reason, the parent applying for a passport for his/her minor child may submit an affidavit  (Annexure G) and based on the same passport application will be processed.  In case where the parent(s) is/are resident outside India, such consent from the parent(s), in the form of a sworn affidavit, duly attested by the Indian Mission abroad, is acceptable. In the cases where the minor children who are less than 18 years of age, the details of valid passports held by BOTH OR EITHER parents should be furnished. In such cases, passport to their minor child will be issued without any police verification basis. Further, in the cases where the parents do not hold valid passports, applications for such minors can be made on the basis of three documents of parents details of which are given in para C(B) of Section IV of the Passport Information Booklet along with Standard Affidavit Annexure I. In all such cases, passport to their minor child will be issued on post-police verification basis. Children of all ages including new born must apply for separate passports.  However, those below 15 years will be given 5 years validity passport or passport till 18 years of age. In case the minor child who is between 15 and 18 years of age wishes to obtain a full validity passport for 10 years, the same can be issued only on post-police verification basis on submission of Standard Affidavit as inAnnexure “I” and three of the 14 document of parents details as mentioned in para C (B) of Section IV of Passport Information Booklet and on payment of fee equivalent to the normal passport fee i.e. Rs. 1000/- for a 36 pages passport, as applicable for an adult. In the case of single parents or of parents who are separated but not formally divorced, an affidavit at ‘Annexure C is to be submitted.

For Adopted Children:

In case of Adopted Children the following documents are to be furnished:

  •  Valid adoption deed registered as per Indian laws
  •  In the case of Christians, Muslims and Parsis, a court order granting guardianship and allowing the child to be taken out of the Country.
  •  Copy of the guarantee executed before the Court concerned.

For More Questions & Information Go to passportindia.gov.in website

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