Jiye Mera Desh | A new patriotic anthem for better India

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Jiye Mera Desh is more than just a patriotic song!

It is a movement to bring about a gentle nationalism within the context of a broader, more humane and value based world vision. Taking its inspiration from Tagore’s poem, “Where the mind is without fear”, the song highlights the importance of the choices that individuals make in shaping the country.

When our patriotism cuts across geography, class, language, sex, and religion, narrow domestic walls will no longer divide us.We will live without fear, head held high, striving towards perfection. 

[youtube width=”800″ height=”500″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uldI2SSUkwA[/youtube]


Andhi lakeeron ki aankhein nahi hain
wahaan bas hain kaale savere
zubaan pe sach ka samandar chale sar uthaaye
to jeene ka jazba kyun thehre

Jiye kyun dharmon adharmon ka bandhan,
kyun ho rasmon rivaajon ki uljhan,
haathon mein haq ho sabhi ke 
ho kadmon mein manzil
bulandi pe ho naam sabka,

Yehi dua, dua mein yehi ilteja hai
Jiyoon main, jiye mera desh..
Yahi dua, dua mein yahi ilteja hai
Jiyoon main, jiye mera desh..

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