Breakup Feelings in Poem – I wish I could change worst in better

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Break-ups can be very depressive. The depression that comes after a break-up can feel so heavy and difficult that no one else can possibly understand what you are going through. But there are ways to cope with this feeling. The best way is writing your feelings on paper. This poem was written by a boy recently experienced breakup.

I wish I could change worst in better

I wish I could change worst in better,

Story begun, since I was more fragile than stronger.

I was in cloud nine, building my own love life and career.

Being part of those moments, I was so happier,

When I fell in love,  I never stood up ever.

I tried my best to hold the time forever,

But all slipped out, failed all my endeavor.

My fantasy world got destructed, by an eradicator.

Sad Stories that have shocked me earlier,

I am playing now the same character.

I have started screaming inside, but outside with laughter.

A time I loved to dream in deep is now like a nightmare.

My scenery got faded, it’s a sunrise turned sunset,  even duskier.

I wish I could change the worst in the better.

I am afraid of revising the same language and grammar.

But still, I wish once again I could write a new letter.

A ray of hope is still there, searching for light like a bird chukar.

I set a fire in me to take a step forward, what if without any mentor.

I do not know what destiny held for me in future.

But I will try my best to change worst in better.


If you could co-relate you feelings we are sorry for that , but we would suggest you to write down your feelings on paper rather crying and going in depression.


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