Mugging Prank Gone Wrong: What the Passers-by Did Will Shock You

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What would you do if you saw someone getting mugged in front of you? From what this video tells us, most people would do nothing but ignore, or stand and stare or oddly enough, laugh. Social experiment videos have become quite the rage today and the message we're getting from most of these is that there is a severe lack of humanity in some of us.

The video shows a boy getting mugged in a busy metro station tunnel and all most people do is just stop to watch and move on. Hats off to the two people who stop to give the alleged mugger a chase. It's only after the police show up that the team from SocioCatastropheTV, the YouTube channel who has done this experiment, is forced to stop the prank.

If in a busy metro tunnel, only two-three people come forward to do the right thing and help the boy getting mugged, then this does call for introspection. It also makes you wonder what will happen when you or someone you know is actually in trouble. Will anyone come forward before it's too late?

Do watch this video; it definitely gives us food for thought:

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″][/youtube]

Credit: SocioCatastropheTV
From: YouTube

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