OMG! This Elephant Can Swim | Japanese Builds Mammoth Sized Swimming Pool

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Have you ever seen a diving Elephant? Japanese Zoo Builds Swimming Pool For Elephants. A mammoth-sized swimming pool has been built at the foot of Mount Fuji – to give zoo elephants a chance for a bit more exercise. Huge glass panes encase thousands of gallons of water, providing a space for Fuji Safari Park’s larger residents to as many as three or four laps a day.

Zookeeper Daiki Takeuchi said the transparent sides, 65 metres in length, offered a “surprising” glimpse into how elephants move around the water, using their powerful legs for propulsion as they poke their trunks above the surface.

The Honshu Island zoo, in the shadow of Japan’s tallest mountain, is also home to litters of lion cubs.

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