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The Highest Cable Car in Europe | A World Attraction Aiguilles de Chamonix

For more than 50 years, the most famous and highest of the Aiguilles de Chamonix has been an essential world attraction. In 20 minutes, the...

11 Most Haunted Cities In The World

The cities featuring in the list will astonish you. Few are the world's best and highly developed cities. If you've ever been trick-or-treating, you might...


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15 Rare & Old Photos of Mysore | Part II

Y'day We have presented the Very Rare & Vintage collection of Photos of "City of Palaces" Mysore , Today we are presenting 2nd installment...

Top 5 workplace accident disasters in history ― what can we learn from them?

Throughout history, humankind went through the worst accidents possible. Even if natural events caused some, most of the time, those disasters were human-made. Unfortunately,...

Demerits of Being Royal

It is not all glitz and glamour in the royalty of England. Everyone talks about how Meghan Markle had a journey one can only...

10 Halloween Like Festival Around The World

Halloween is one of the world's oldest holidays, dating back to pagan times. But it is celebrated today by more people in more countries...

The Cat Throwing Festival – It’s called Kattenstoet

For the last sixty years, the city of Ypres in Belgium has held a popular “Cat Parade” that draws visitors from around the country....

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