12 Proven & Surprising Health Benefits of Beetroot

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Beetroot, also often known as the beet scientifically known as Beta vulgaris, is a root vegetable that has been consumed since ancient times. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks thought beetroot had vitamins and minerals. In fact, today’s studies prove that not only are they loaded with beneficial nutrients, but beetroot is an amazing way to ensure that a person stays healthy.

Whether you blend it into a soup or drink as a juice or roast it whole – Beetroot remains low in fat, packed with powerful antioxidants and full of vitamins & minerals.

A single serving of beets can boost your energy and lower your blood pressure. Eating beets long-term can help you fight cancer, reduce arthritic pain, and lose weight, as well as assisting in a number of other health areas.

It is also known as red beet, table beet, garden beet, or simply beet.

Here are Proven & Surprising Health Benefits of Beetroot !

1# Boosting Digestive Health

A high fiber count makes beetroot and beetroot juice a prime choice for those with digestive issues. Fiber helps to promote digestive and colon health by cleaning out the gastrointestinal system and making for regular, healthy bowel movements.

2# Helpful in Maintaining Blood Pressure Level

Beetroot has components that widens the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure that helps in preventing associated risk of heart attacks and strokes. Studies stated that 250gm of beetroot daily can level the blood pressure dramatically.

3# Beetroot for Boosting Stamina

Further adding to the health benefits of beetroot, the vegetable is also great for providing energy and boosting stamina. In one study, participants consumed a selection of baked beetroot (200 grams) before one run and the same amount of cranberries before a second run. The researchers discovered that beetroot outperformed cranberries in boosting peak performance by a wide margin.

4# Helpful in Reducing Bad Cholesterol

Beetroot has a great deal of soluble fibres and flavanoids which are known to have cholesterol lowering capabilities. It leads in reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol and do not let it settle to the artery. This also lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

5# Beetroot Equalizes Mental Health

Betaine, the same component that is used by practitioners to treat depression using certain methods, is found in beetroot. Another great element that beetroot contains is tryptophan, which has been shown to create a sense of well-being while also relaxing the mind. They are also a great way to lower blood pressure, which can help offset the effects of stress on the body.

6# Helpful in Treating Anaemia

Many people think that the red color of beetroot is helpful in replacing the lost blood but the truth is, the beet is highly contained in iron which helps in the formation of haemagglutinin in the body and therefore it is helpful in treating anaemia.

7# Beetroot Enhances S*x

The ancient Romans prized beetroot as an aphrodisiac and raised them as such. Today’s science supports this Roman practice. Researchers have found that beets contain high amounts of boron, an element that relates directly to the production of sex hormones in humans.

8# Cell Detoxification and Cleansing

The antioxidants in beets have been shown to support what is called phase 2 cleansing.  In phase 2 cleansing, unwanted toxic substances are chemically combined with a small nutrient group. This combination neutralizes the toxin and makes them sufficiently water-soluble so they can be excreted through the urine.
This is therefore deep cleansing on a cellular level, that may have long term health benefits.

9# Helps to Reduce Weight

Beets taste sweet, but a cup of cooked beet contains only 60 calories and is full of fiber. This is a perfect food for weight management.

The sugars in beets are smart carbs, since they come in a natural whole food form.  Unlike white sugar, the beet calories come with a lot of nutrients and phytochemicals.

10# Beetroot Helps Cleanse the Body

Beetroot works to cleanse and clarify the liver. It can also purify the blood and has been shown to help prevent some forms of cancer. Eating beetroot can also indicate whether a person has low amounts of stomach acid. This is shown if their urine turns pink.

11# Super Antioxidant for a Long, Healthy, Pain-Free Life

Antioxidants help to reverse the daily accumulated wear and tear on the body, known as aging. Beets are a very good source of commonly known antioxidants like vitamin C and manganese, but it is their lesser-known antioxidants which give them their true value.

The blood-red color of beets comes from a powerful group of antioxidants called betalains. There are hundreds of studies on the positive health benefits of betalains.  A short summary of the results shows that they help in the areas of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation. If you go to Google Scholar and type in ‘betalains,’ you will see 3790 scholarly references on this subject.

12# Supports Bone Health

Including beetroot in your diet also means stronger bones as well as teeth. Beetroot contains silica that helps the body utilize calcium properly. Calcium is the key nutrient for healthy and strong bones.

Beetroot is also rich in other bone-healthy nutrients like folate, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium and copper. All these nutrients play a key role in building and strengthening your bones.

Eating half a beetroot daily in salad form will help keep conditions like osteoporosis and brittle bone disease at bay.

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