5 Technological Tools Every Forward-Thinking Business Must Adopt

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Technology is taking over and it is for good. It has gradually evolved over the past decade into a form that we could only imagine once. Without a doubt, we are moving towards a futuristic world which we are only used to seeing in movies. This new technology can be used in every field to make our jobs easier and faster. One of these fields is business. A majority of brands and firms have preferred traditional ways of business throughout these years. They have adopted some new methods and mediums but many are yet to dwell into this realm. Keeping up with technology is extremely important today to stay relevant in the business competition. Every forward-thinking business should incorporate this fact and these 5 technologies in their business in the near future.

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a human-created concept that is capable of imitating the human brain. The imitation does not mean physical likeness but the capabilities of performing functions and tasks. Two of the biggest benefits that AI present is Automation and Decision-making. Various monotonous tasks can be automated to save human effort and decrease errors. As AI possesses intelligence it can also make decisions without human intervention. Customer support is another area where this technology can be extremely helpful. It can be used for creating chatbots and assistants that automatically respond to customers on their different queries.

Machine learning is a branch of AI where a system learns new things through the information it is fed. Like humans, it can make a system learn from experience and improve on it in the future. Many international brands already use machine learning for fraud detection. The system is put through different types of potential frauds which makes it invincible against similar threats in the future.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is using the space of the internet for different purposes. You can store, manage, and use resources from a virtual space online. Any data can be accessed by an authorized figure from any corner of the world on any type of device. Having cloud storage is helpful in businesses that involve a large exchange of data as the cloud is highly scalable, flexible, and secure. Instead of storing data on a physical system, you should store it on a cloud of your own. A physical system is neither scalable nor as secure as a cloud. Businesses with large data transfer will need more storage devices which is inconvenient. Physical storage can also face failure or get stolen, resulting in the loss of the data. Egnyte Business, OneDrive, Citrix, Zoolz, Bigmind are some of the best options you can consider.

Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing plays a crucial role in any and every business. A brand can not succeed without advertising their products and making the general consumer aware of them. The ways of marketing have changed with the help of the internet. Various platforms of the internet are used commonly for advertising purposes. The marketing campaigns require effort and time which can and should be eased out with many tools. These tools accomplish tasks from automated publishing to creating campaigns and customer insights. Some of the necessary and best digital marketing tools you need for your business today are social media monitoring, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and analytical tools.

Collaborative Tools

A business is a collaborative effort. A successful idea can’t be successful until everyone is dedicated to it. Teamwork is extremely important. Opinions and feedback of fellow team members can be a changemaker too. Achieving these is not easy and gets even harder when not everyone can be present in the same place while working.

These collaborative tools give you a platform to connect virtually. Sharing ideas, passing instructions and real-time feedback can be easily done before making a final decision. The best tools you can use for this purpose include; Slack, Quire, Google Docs, and Creativity 365. All four of these tools serve various teamwork purposes like communication, management, and content creation.

Accounting Software

Last but not least, having tools for accounting not only fastens up the whole process but also eliminates the room for human error. Even minor errors in accounting can cause huge losses in the long-term. For bigger businesses, the risk gets bigger and so do the chances of error. Bigger or smaller, an accounting software is a must for a modern business. There are many such tools and the top three out of them are Xero, Quickbooks, and Finsync.

These were 5 technologies that will certainly give any business the spark of modernity. Not only they make your work easier, they can also increase your brand value and give you an edge over competition. The best part is that any kind of business can easily blend these technologies. The scale or the type of business does not make a difference. Changing with time is beneficial in a long run for a business and these 5 technologies will help you keep up with that change.

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