The “Violence Against Women” Ad That Will Haunt You

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Help us put an end to one of the most painful aspects of violence against women: silence.


The Instituto Maria da Penha is a non-profit in Fortaleza that provides legal assistance for women battling domestic violence.

In this simple video of a fixed frame focusing on grave faces, they’ve portrayed a message that a million words couldn’t justify. The simplicity of the message and the minimalistic representation of the same will leave you dumbfounded.

In this series of 3 ads, they show 3 different women dejectedly looking into the camera with tear rimmed eyes. As the ad progresses and the piano track becomes more prominent, the faces get graver and tears, profuse. You can see the striking pain in their eyes but they won’t say a word. You want to scream and ask them as to what the matter is but their silence doesn’t break.


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The message at the end of the videos call for an action against such grave silence that women abide by despite being violated. The institute, being one that provides women with legal assistance, wants to urge them to come out in the open and ask them for help. The text at the end of the ad reads as follows:

‘The longer you wait, the more it hurts. Violence against women. Speak out. “

I love how the silence in the ads haunt the viewer, leaving one restless and with a prominent feeling of helplessness, just like the victims.The gradual increase in emotion is extremely well done leading onto simple and to-the-point call to action.

Watch the three videos below:

Instituto Maria da Penha – "Renata" (english)

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″][/youtube]

Instituto Maria da Penha – "Marcela" (english)

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″][/youtube]

Instituto Maria da Penha – "Lais" (english)

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″][/youtube]


Credit: Maria DaPenha


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