Tom Cruise – A Glimpse Of His Life

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Curious to know some stunning facts about Tom Cruise? Well, the Mission Impossible actor-producer and our Top Gun Maverick has always been a sensational personality across the globe.

Today, we are bringing you in-depth information about the man, none other than Tom Cruise. It is a story that you must read. Before we begin, here are some highlights of Tom Cruise:

The Highest Paid Actor Of All Times And His Achievements

Tom Cruise has been the highest paid actor for a long time. He was paid $100 million for starring in his production, Mission Impossible. Cruise also received $100 million for War Of The Worlds, becoming the highest paid actor of the early 2000s. Tom’s success as an actor and producer started with Mission Impossible Franchise.

If you look at Tom’s list of feats. He is the first person to appear in 5 films consistently that earned over 100 Million USD at the box office. His net worth in 2020 amounts to around 550 million to 600 million and making him as #4 Most Highest Paid & Richest Actor in the World. Tom didn’t release any movie (Top Gun : Maverick, specifically) during 2020 due to the worldwide lockdown. So, he didn’t earn much as an actor.

There have been many critics of Tom over his entire career. However, Author Annie Rice criticized him the most for the cast as Lestat in ‘Interview With Vampire.’ However, after witnessing his performance, she wrote two-page praise in Daily Variety to praise him and as a sincere apology.

Tom has had his fair share of wives and lovers over the years. Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. Even Penelope Cruz has been on his list of affairs.

Early Years Of The Top Gun

Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, in New York. His full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, and he comes from a devout catholic family. Tom has a diverse bloodline with German, Irish and English ancestry. By the age of 14, he was initially planning on becoming a Priest. However, he secured a lead in the high school drama ‘Guys And Dolls.’ From there, Tom drove an inspiration to become an actor.

During his entire childhood, Tom was bullied consistently. He had to change over 15 schools within 14 years of his school life. By high-school, he decided to become a wrestler. That’s right! Tom Cruise was a wrestler during his high school days.

However, those weren’t the darkest days of his life. Along with the bullies at school, he had to deal with the issues at home. His biological father, the electrical engineer, was also an abusive one. Tom describes him as a ‘coward bully.’ Tom’s mother, Mary Lee, divorced his father and married John South when he was 16.

American Star Was Born For The Movies

John became a leading example of a father figure in Tom’s life. While he was a devout catholic and Tom was set to be a priest, the young talent asked his father to pursue an acting career. Much to everyone’s surprise, John South not only permitted him but also provided him with the money he could to help Tom move to New York.

Tom then worked as a busboy, cleaned tables, and even was a porter until he received his break. During his high school ceremony, he was busy with Godspell and missed it.

If we talk about his diligence, Tom has been a hard worker since a young age. After his mother left his biological father, he worked part-time jobs to assist with the household. At the age of 12, he saved enough money to buy his first motorcycle.

Scientology Conspiracies And Tom Cruise

Although Tom reigned supreme as an actor with a fantastic track record, he was once put in the industry’s darker shade. He became a huge supporter of the Church of Scientology. The reason was his dyslexia. Tom Cruise has suffered from dyslexia since childhood. He claims that the Church Of Scientology helped him fix his issues. Hence, he became a devout follower and promoted.

He didn’t just join it. David Miscavige was his best man during the marriage with Katie Holmes. It is believed that it grew to be a more prominent cult than anything else. As a result, Jack South, his step-father, filed for a divorce with Mary Lee (Mother).

After that, Tom found himself distancing himself from Jack South so much that he didn’t show up for his step-father’s funeral. It is believed that Katie Holmes also divorced Tom because she didn’t want their biological daughter, Suri, to be entangled in the Church Of Scientology. Regardless, all of that is in the past now.

It’s interesting to note that Cruise’s rumors started around the time he set a Camp for Scientology while filming for ‘War Of The Worlds.’

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tom Cruise’s Net Worth?

Tom has a net worth of around 600 million dollars currently. He is often dubbed in the list of the top 50 most powerful people in the world. You will also find him higher in the ranking as one of the most powerful actors and one of the richest actors.

Was Tom Cruise Part Of The Billionaire Club?

Tom Cruise has been quite rich, but he has never been a member or part of the Billionaire Club. He never reached that mark. Therefore, he is not a member.

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?

Currently, Tom is dating Hayley Atwell, the British actress. He claims that lockdown and pandemics have brought the two even more closer than before.

How Many Kids Does Tom Cruise Have?

Tom has two adopted kids that are very dear to him, Isabella Cruise and Conor Cruise. He also has a biological daughter ‘Suri Cruise.’ In total, he has three kids.


Tom Cruise’s life has always been a roller coaster from one place to another. He has played many diverse roles in several movies and remains a top-of-the-class actor even today. With that, we covered everything you wouldn’t normally find about the actor to bring you another unique angle.

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