17 modern sculptures, We can fall in love with

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Traveling to other countries, it is impossible not to draw attention to the work of talented sculptors who created from a piece of stone and metal work of art. In this collection we have decided to tell you about the best masterpieces of the human imagination that adorned the streets of cities around the globe.

The poet Mihai Eminescu, Romania

Modern sculptures 1
© Dan Dima

Name Mihai Eminescu is today considered a saint for all Romanians and Moldovans. In honor of him and installed the sculpture, which is even more beautiful at sunset.

Mustangs at Las Colinas, USA

Modern sculptures 2
© Tom

Size bronze mustangs and a half times greater than their actual size. The basic idea of ​​the sculpture – pass driving force initiative and unfettered spirit that were inherent in Texas during its development.

Extension, USA

Modern sculptures 3
© Anastasia Tank

It's an amazing song is currently considered one of the greatest masterpieces of modern art. The sculptor Paige Bradley said that "Expansion" was the result of her reflections on the critical attitude of the public to sculpture depicting a man.

Oliver Ranch Installation — Terry Allen, "humanature", 1991-1992 (bronze sculptures)

Modern sculptures 18

© Terry Allen

Monument of female curiosity

Moving, Poland

Modern sculptures 4
© Anonymous Panda
Poland – a country who have borne many difficulties and hardships. This monument is dedicated to the victims of the law on the military situation.

Hippopotamus, Taiwan

Modern sculptures 5
© linadavidaviciute

Sculpture of hippos at the Taipei Zoo is a sign of how important to protect wildlife.

Boots on the banks of the Danube, Hungary

Modern sculptures 6
© Lýdia Melnová
Monument shot Jews of Hungary. It was established in 2005.

Liberty, United States

Modern sculptures 7
© Julija K.
Urban sculpture Zenos Frudakisa depicts one man who stands out and step separated from the gray mass of people, arms and legs.

Bathing Boys, Singapore

Modern sculptures 8
© linadavidaviciute
"Bathing Boys" are part of a series of monuments «People of the River», which depicted the life of early inhabitants, who settled along the river.

Memorial to the Jews, Krakow

Modern sculptures 9
© Lýdia Melnová

Chairs recall that during the expulsion of the Jews in the ghetto, the street takeaway all the furniture out of the houses, so that nobody in the house hid the babies.

Sculpture Salmon, United States

Modern sculptures 10
© Ava Hirschsohn
Sculpture Salmon in Portland has broken through one of the city's buildings.

Lions, United Kingdom

Modern sculptures 11
© Anonymos Panda
Black Lions by a professional sculptor Kendra Heist Tower of London guard against intruders.

Spider sculpture Maman, Tokyo

Modern sculptures 12
© jpe

9-meter-high sculpture made of bronze, stainless steel and marble, appeared in 2007. "This spider – dedicated to my mother, who was my best friend – says Louise Bourgeois sculptures. – Like a spider, she was a weaver. "

Giant horse Kelpie, Scotland

Modern sculptures 13
© Kit Downey

The construction lasted 7 years. Sculptures reach a height of 30 meters and marks a succession of Scottish industry and the economy of the horses, draft horses pulling wagons, plows and barges.

The road of freedom, Vilnius

Modern sculptures 14
© Busy_Panda

"The Road of Freedom" – a sculpture dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania and invites all residents of the country to continue the path of freedom and unity.

Telephone booths, UK

Modern sculptures 15
© Aurimas Steponavičius
The sculpture was created from discarded red telephone booths K6 classic model. It marks a symbol of the era, which, unfortunately, disappearing, replaced by machines for mobile phones.

Emigrants from Ireland

Modern sculptures 16
© Anonymous Panda

The Great Famine in Ireland has left a big mark in the history of the country. In the few years of famine it has lost 20-25% of their population. Victims of terror and dedicated a monument in the center of Dublin.

Loving Dragons, Bulgaria

Modern sculptures 17
© Ilko Kacharov

As stated by the author of the monument sculptor Lazarov, fairy-tale characters he created in order to please the kids – very close to a swimming pool where children are trained.

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