12 Benefits Of Fasting On Mondays In Sawan (सावन) Month

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Shraavana (Sawan or Sravana) is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, one of the most holy month for Hindus. It starts from July and ends in August according to English calendar. For many Hindus, the month of Shraavana is a month of fasting. It is considered highly auspicious for praying to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the worship of Shiva during Shrawan month is 108 times more powerful than worshiping during normal days. Millions of devout Hindus observe the Shravan Somwar Vrat – fasting and performing Pujas (worship) on Mondays in Sawan Month.

People have their own purpose to observe this fast. Some observe it for long life, happy married life or for happiness and prosperity of children. Sawan Somvar Fast provides wealth, luxury and increase in generation.

Important Benefits Of Worshiping Lord Shiva By Doing Fasting In Shraavana Month


By worshiping Lord Shankar on Savan’s Monday, reading Sawan Vrat Katha, Shiv Chalisa, Shiv Aarti, not only the halted work gets completed, but the devotees achieve special grace of God.


It is believed that man or woman who worship Lord Shiva on Monday, they are blessed with God’s and their wish of getting married or conceiving get fulfilled.


It has been said that those who are obstructing their marriage or conceiving, they should definitely fast on Monday of the Shrawan Month. Devotees who worship Lord Shiva and mother Parvati. God is pleased with the devotees.


It is believed that the month of Sawana is very dear to Lord Shiva. According to the ancient belief, those who perform monday fasting is blessed with happiness and all the pleasures of the world. His all the desires are fulfilled.


Shrawan month is so auspicious that donation and charity made on this month gives fruits equivalent to that of visiting Jyotirlinga.


Lord Shiva is worshiped with Bel-patra on this day as it is believed that Lord Shiva resides in the roots of Bel-patra. Hence, this Worship provides the results equal to any pilgrimage visit. Sawan Somvar fast provides happiness, prosperity, wealth, luxury and increase in generation.


Especially, the 4 Mondays that come in the month of Shravan are very auspicious. Few people extend this and complete with 16 Mondays continuing till December. The Shravan Shiva Vrat is one of the important religious customs associated with Lord Shiva. These fasts are very famous of finding good life partner.


Those devotees who have not made the fast of Swan on Monday before, they can also start this fast from the first Monday of the Sawan Month and continue till 16th Monday or may stop till 4rth or 5th Monday that falls in sawan month. Doing so will benefit them same way if they would have done it for all Mondays entire year.


There are also some people who fast throughout the month of Shravan. They stick to certain types of foods for the entire month. Foods like sabudana and fruits are commonly eaten during the Shravan Shiva vrat. People who follow the Shravan Shiva vrat religiously have only one meal every single day in the entire month. They also eat food without salt at the time of fasting.


The Shravan Shiva vrat is particularly significant for women. Both married and unmarried keep this fast for different reasons. Usually, unmarried women keep the Shravan Somvar vrat so that they find good husbands. Married women keep this fast to pray for the long life of their husband. Keeping this fast is also supposed to ensure a long and happy marital life.


Some medical practitioners believe that fasting during the month of Shravan is good for health. When the rains start pelting, sunlight is scare and this slows down the digestive system. It is good to eat food that is very easy to digest. That is why, many Hindus follow a strict vegetarian diet during the month of Shravan. Fasting also has detoxifying effect on the digestive system. This is a natural protection against water borne diseases that are common during this period of the year.


Hindu women wear red attire as well as green and yellow bangles, pray for the long and prosperous life for their husbands. And this Hindu month of Shrawan, it is all about henna tattoos, or Mehendi, as it is locally called. There is something very trendy about the beautiful henna tinges, which makes it every female’s favorite. Also, Shrawan is the month believed to bring auspices to mehendi wearers.

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