The 5 Shoes Every Mum Needs in Their Collection

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If you are like most ladies, you have likely accumulated more shoes than you need at any given time. In some cases, things have gotten so out of hand you have had to think about giving away some of your shoes. Even with all the shoes they have, most mums will reach for a favourite pair depending on the situation. You may have shoes for running around with the kids or some cute heels for a date night. Regardless, the best thing to do to ensure things don’t get out of hand and that you don’t end up with some pairs that you never wear is to have a select number of types of shoes in your collection. This way, you can invest in fewer, better, high-quality shoes. Here are some of the essentials.


Even if you have been wearing heels for most of your life, there is a time that will come when you will need to buy some flats. Pregnancy and motherhood are two of those times. The good thing about flats is that there are lots of designs to choose from. There are also a lot of options if you would like to wear them at home, you want them to be practical, or want them flashy enough so they are part of an ensemble.

Since flats hug your skin tightly, it is important to invest in open-toed styles, or those that are lined with leather. The latter will allow your feet to breathe for extra comfort. If you want to wear flats as part of our ensemble, you can choose nude tones that elongate your legs, black flats for a sophisticated look, or leopard print if you want to go all out.

Loafers and boat shoes also fall in this category if you are looking for something a bit more formal.


Boots are sophisticated and look amazing with almost any outfit. This saves you some time as you can just pick them up and be out of the house without thinking too much about it. Mums can choose between knee-high, calf-high, and ankle-high boots depending on what they would like to wear and how well they can pull it off.

Killer Heels

There is no doubt that high heels are sexy and empowering. However, you might end up in pain if you do not choose heels that are right for you. Start by determining which shoe types would best fit your feet and which would feel comfortable even after wearing or a few hours. Once you have these basics down, you can decide on the colours to choose from. Ideally, you want black, red, and nude heels as these can go with almost any dress or gown.

Since you will be purchasing only a few pairs, why not consider designer heels? Designer heels are crafted with your comfort in mind, with collections such as Valentino Shoes having lots of design, colour, and height options so you can get a pair that your feet will love. To find the best heels for you, check out the designer range by Valentino here.


If you exercise regularly, then you likely already own a pair of sneakers or running shoes. If you do not, you should get a pair as soon as you can. Sneakers are fun and come in so many patterns and designs that it is hard to find someone else in your neighborhood with the same pair. Also, they can be cheap enough so you can purchase a few pairs without draining your bank account.

Sneakers have also been elevated from running and being worn casually, and are now a lot more mainstream. It is possible to wear sneakers with almost any outfit and no one will ask any questions. Their versatility is what makes them a must-have.


Another versatile option, sandals can be worn anywhere from the house to the beach to the restaurant. You can also choose simple and versatile sandals made out of neutral leather and in colours that do not attract attention, or choose metallic finishes if you would like to feel like a fashionista.

If your feet sweat a lot, it would be best to get sandals with leather or absorbent linings. If you plan to wear the sandals in the summer, as most people do, stay away from rubber, plastic, or faux leather sandals as they can be painful, sweaty, and become very hot in the heat.

As you think about overhauling your wardrobe or changing what you wear, it is always a good idea to go back to the basics. For new mums especially, there is no need to have a large collection of shoes that you will not get to wear for a few years. It is always better to have fewer, higher-quality shoes than too many that you do not wear.

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