17 cat photos taken at exactly the right moment

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These cats were caught on camera at the perfect moments, leaving us with hilariously awesome pictures.


It’s no secret that we love cats. And so the photos with them, we also love very much. And if they are still made ​​at the right time, they become much more interesting. ReckonTalk collected 17 pictures that prove that cats are adorable, even when they were photographed unexpectedly.


cats 2

Come on, boss! Make you second Copperfield.

cats 3
Just think, you’re also not very much like you.


cats 4
Kimera Jam
Now the main thing – to pretend that it is itself escaped.

cats 1
– Well, my grandmother, I had enough!
– I say – eat!

cats 5

I want to teach you to stay calm, even when life throws you?

cats 6
Kemal Selimovic
You must be able to catch every chance.

cats 7
And the spoon for mom.

cats 8
It is love.

cats 9
And I could take in advertising!

cats 10
Akimasa Harada
And who said that cats can not fly?

cats 11
I have to go back to his planet. Baby there for people.

cats 12
Seiji Mamiya
Evening promenade.

cats 13
This is me, when someone looks at my girl.

cats 14
How embarrassing happened.

cats 15
Yura Kaprosh
That would lie there on the grass, and you fall down on fluffy kittens.

cats 16
Now I will show you a master class, and not this your fitness.

cats 17
They’ll never find me here.


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