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These Guys Break Stereotypes And Prove Why All Indians Are NOT Hypocrites

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We like meeting fun people in this funny world and figuring out what makes them stand out. We like going against the rules.We like breaking stereotypes.

India is a country riddled with double-standards. People here openly protest about 'indecent content' on TV, in films, on the Internet, and then sit in the legislative assembly watching porn on our cell-phones. They come out and give massive speeches about female infanticide, and then our sex ratio says 943 per 1000 males.

Indians are also quite quick to stereotype – so a member of the Sindhi community is stingy, a Punjabi is loud, a Bengali is academically proficient and it goes on…

Advice Adda came up with the campaign #NotAHypocrite and invited people to come out of their shells and end the hypocrisy in our society, once and for all. The following pictures entail the participation in the initiative:



Guys Break Stereotypes 1



Guys Break Stereotypes 2



Guys Break Stereotypes 3



Guys Break Stereotypes 4



Guys Break Stereotypes 5



Guys Break Stereotypes 6



Guys Break Stereotypes 6



Guys Break Stereotypes 7



Guys Break Stereotypes 8



Guys Break Stereotypes 9



Guys Break Stereotypes 10



Guys Break Stereotypes 11


So, how are you going to help break the stereotype of a 'hypocritical Indian' today?



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